How To Get A Job In 4 Weeks

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How To Get A Job In 4 Weeks

Joel Sigrist
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Are you tired of doing this?

Sending in another application that won’t matter.

This is, what, 100 applications? And still no callbacks.

Does LinkedIn Easy Apply even go anywhere?

If sending in job applications and never hearing back has become a depressing ritual to stay on unemployment, you need a better system.

Answering application questions that never get read and submitting applications that don’t get monitored is not an effective way to search for jobs.

I know.

I’ve been there.

That’s why I built this system.

I was using the “shotgun” method of job applications, sending in as many as possible and just hoping to hear anything back. After all, if it’s a numbers game, sending in dozens of pointless applications per day is going to work, right?

If that’s your method, you’re welcome to spend months throwing your resume into the abyss, praying that one day a company notices you.

Maybe sometime next month or the month after that, someone will take notice.

But there IS a better way.

  • And it doesn’t take 100 hours of networking.
  • It isn’t even a full-time job of job searching.
  • And it can get you into job interviews for positions that want you as much as you want them.

In just 4 weeks.

This process has been used to find jobs in fortune 100 companies and in small startups. It can find a job in your industry, too.

This is that process for just $35. That’s the cost of a nice dinner for 2, but it can get you back on your feet and kickstart your career again.

You could do it without this course, too.

You can send out your 150 applications before getting an interview.

This is how I used to look for jobs, too. It's possible.

You can send your resume to every LinkedIn Easy Apply position that exists and hope you get lucky...

You can scroll Indeed, LinkedIn Jobs, and Glassdoor for weeks and weeks...

 before you even hear so much as a rejection in return.

But here's something to think about...

This is how most people look for jobs.

And it's pretty slow.

The median duration of unemployment in 2020 was 18 weeks. 


That's over FOUR MONTHS of unemployment.

And it doesn't cost anything to do that... right?

That's actually WAY MORE expensive because you're leaving 14 weeks of work on the table.

14 weeks of full-time work at the federal minimum wage is... $4,060

Now, you might be more qualified than the federal minimum wage. Someone else took this course and jumped into a nice $70,000 annual salary. 

If you get a job that pays you $70,000, but you miss the first 14 weeks of it...

That costs you more than EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. 


That's enough money to do a lot of things...

Including spending $35 on this course MORE THAN 500 TIMES.

What actually is inside the course?

This course has been built with input from more than 12 recruiters, career coaches, and hiring managers in a variety of industries.

This process has been used to find jobs in fortune 100 companies and in small startups. You can use it to find a position in your industry, too.

So what's inside?

- Exclusive interviews with recruiters explaining WHAT EXACTLY they look for in LinkedIn Profiles, Cover Letters, and Resumes. Take it straight from hiring professionals in a dozen industries to advise you on your cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles.

- A 35-minute webinar on How To Write a Winning Resume. This is built from what recruiters are looking for right now and includes the processes that I use to help write resumes that have helped dozens of candidates find positions in several different industries.

- 4 Weeks of directions and walkthroughs to explain the process from start to finish including outlining your goals and finding which jobs are actively hiring.

- Interview prep and tools to nail your job interview

To start this course, you don't need any background looking for a job.

You don't need a resume

You don't need a LinkedIn profile

You don't need to know your goals

You don't need any interview experience

You don't need special connections

And this can teach you each of these pieces and help you find and identify the right jobs to apply for, make connections, and send in well-crafted applications that you'll actually hear back on.

So why spend any more time trying to find a job on your own?

You can take your 18 weeks and send in empty applications to positions that reject you and give you no feedback. You can do this daily for more than four months before landing that gig that's, good enough...

Or you can start looking for the perfect position today.

It could help you make more than $18,000 more.

I want this!

This Course Includes:

How to Write a Winning Resume Webinar
How to Write a LinkedIn Profile
How to Write a Cover Letter that Stands Out
Worksheets and Walkthroughs
Resume Templates
Exclusive Recruiter Interviews
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